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Selling Your Home With The 3 Ps

Selling Your Home


Pricing your home right is the most important aspect of a home sale. And it is the reason why you need an experienced realtor. Buyers search for homes by price first and then start checking off the wish list. We work with a lot of buyers that have a price in mind before we even discuss the market analysis. The problem with pricing by emotion is that you will end up with a home sitting on the market and buyers passing it up for newer listings.


Present your home to support the price. So, how can a home show well? One word: Staging! This doesn’t have to mean renting furniture and decor, but it is more referring to the overall appearance of the home. The key is to declutter and depersonalize. This means cleaning out as much as possible and streamlining your home’s appearance. Take all of your personal belongings such as picture frames and decor and put them in storage. You want buyers to see the home and picture themselves living there.


Buyers use online impressions as a gauge for whether or not a home is worth walking through. That is why photos and video are key to the sale of your home. We ensure the best features and angles are photographed so your home shows at its finest. According to the National Association of Realtors, 9 out of 10 buyers initiate their home search on the internet, 25% say that online real estate photography led to the purchase of their home.