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Do’s and Don’ts for Listing Photos


Do take a shot from the curb. Buyers like to see a full shot that showcases the front of the home and yard, to get a better idea of the type of home and size of home.

Do consider aerial views. This is a great way to show off a larger property or exceptional waterfront home. It also gives a more grand appearance to a home.

Do capture your home’s selling points. You want photos to highlight the best aspects of your home. If you have floor-to-ceiling windows, make sure your photos showcase this feature, instead of taking a horizontal photo that cuts the windows off.

Do stage every room for photos. You don’t need a professional staging company for this, but you will need to declutter, clean personal belongings and pictures frames and streamline the decor. It should be minimalistic so that buyers can focus on the home and not your belongings.

Do show off the view. Capture it with part of the room so that buyers can see where these views are in the home. If the view is a big selling feature, make sure it looks appealing in your photos.

Don’t capture a mess. It might not seem like a mess if the blanket isn’t folded, or there are a few things on the floor, but when you view the photos online it looks unprofessional and worse even than in person. Clean up everything before photos. This especially includes countertops.

Don’t show dirty windows. When a buyer’s first impression of your home is the photo, nothing is worse
than a dirty window.

Don’t capture weeds and an unkempt backyard. If the backyard needs some TLC and weed killer, get that done before the photos. A buyer will use these as reasons to reduce the selling price. Plus, it just doesn’t look appealing, especially if your backyard is an oasis, the weeds and mess will take away from its positive features.

Don’t take dark photos. You want buyers to see the room at its lightest and brightest. The brighter it is, the bigger it looks. Use natural light, ceiling lights and lamps to brighten a room.

Don’t use the fish eye lens or any other distortion. This is distracting and makes the buyer think you’re hiding something. In fact, it will take away from the real features of your home.

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