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10 Selling Incentives to Motivate Buyers in a Down Economy

Everyone likes a bargain, a sale, or a giveaway. What’s not to like? In real estate sales incentives can be a great way to motivate a reluctant buyer to take the plunge and consider making an offer on your home despite the current economic downturn. So as a seller what are some ways you can use sales incentives to drive up interest in your property?

Let’s take a look at 10 selling incentives to motivate buyers in a down economy:

  1. Pay the points
    What are points? Points are fees charged by lenders to provide financing. In general one point equals one percent of the mortgage balance. For instance a buyer paying 1 ½ points on a $200,000 loan will pay $3000 in loan fees. As an incentive to write an offer, some sellers offer to pay points on behalf of the buyer.
  2. Buy down the interest rate
    Many buyers are unaware that they can secure a lower interest rate by paying additional points at closing. Just like the points discussed above, a point, when buying down the interest rate, is one percentage point of the sales price. For example, a buyer who is securing a $300,000 mortgage, paying one point in loan fees, and then another two points to buy down her interest rate will pay a total of $9,000 dollars in loan costs at closing! If she can save any portion of this amount by choosing one home over another it might very well sway her decision.

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